While some find weight loss easy, most women actually struggle with losing weight because there are SO MANY different pieces keeping them stuck (- and then there's menopause!).

I know from first-hand experience, as well as coaching thousands of other women, that there is NOT a one-size-fits-all answer. Every woman is different, every woman has her own story, and every woman has her own unique goals & challenges.

does this sound familiar?

I get it, I've been there, I know how to help you.

Weight loss can be a lonely battle.

On the one hand you feel like you should just accept the skin you're in (and that's certainly an option), on the other hand you just don't feel the way you want to in that skin.

And then you have those around you telling you: "Stop worrying about it, you're lovely as you are!"

And they're right of course - you are lovely! - and yet, you want to feel as lovely on the outside as you feel on the inside, and you're not ready to quit.


Here's what works

You don’t need another diet, you need a different lifestyle.

You don’t need to suffer in silence, you need love, accountability, support & community.

And perhaps most importantly of all:

You don’t need another philosophy, you just need to know what works for YOU.


That’s the magic combination

and “Weight Loss with Karen” provides all of this and more.

Work with me in "Weight Loss with Karen" and you'll receive my complete system all in one place, PLUS support, accountability, a wonderful community of other women just like you AND brand-new pieces that will take your experience to a whole new level. This opportunity is limited and simply too good to miss!


You have access to the program for 120 days from date of joining.

This means 4 months of in-group support and a step-by-step approach personalised to YOU within the group.

This program is a combination of LIVE group coaching calls + work-at-your-own-pace modules + weekly accountability + private Facebook Group + LIVE weekend virtual workshops.


You receive 8 modules in total, the first 5 of which are from the “How to Work with Your Eater Type to Create a Body That You Love”. We start here because (quite simply) this program is AWESOME and it gives you the firmest foundations for the diet, body and future that you want. We will use the coaching sessions to dive even deeper.

Modules 6-8 will take the Eater Type work to a whole new level and set you up for long-term success.

Each module comprises of a 60-90 minute audio from me where I will coach, guide, cheer and support you to get the very most from this process, together with a beautiful workbook for you to capture your process and answers.

BONUS #1: Reminders to Live By

My top 10 tips for eating clean (or cleaner) every time, no matter how busy or unprepared you are.

BONUS #2: Everyday Food Swaps

Use this extensive list when you want to know the healthiest version of just about anything you want to eat or drink!

This will prove invaluable to you, whether you’re completely new to clean eating or a seasoned pro. Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration!

BONUS #3: Karen's Pep Talk

Listen to this audio any time you feel stuck, alone, uninspired, unmotivated, lost, confused, overwhelmed or disenchanted.

It will get you out of any stuckness!

BONUS #4: Printable Wallet Inspiration

Print-out-and-stash this credit card sized inspiration card, specific to YOUR Eater Type. Simply reach for this when you have “a moment” and want to be reminded of your Eater Type’s winning mindset strategy.



SATURDAY 21 MAY 2022 | STARTS: 8:00AM PT . 11:00AM ET .  4:00PM UK | 4 HOURS 

A fun, inspiring and enlightening 4-hour virtual workshop to get clear on what you REALLY want with your diet, body and life.


SATURDAY 28 MAY 2022 | STARTS: 8:00AM PT . 11:00AM ET .  4:00PM UK | 2 HOURS 

The first time I will have EVER taught this workshop! This is your opportunity to create a juicy dream plan for yourself that keeps you inspired, motivated and itching to move to the next stage of your journey.


SUNDAY 12 JUNE 2022 | 8:00AM PT . 11:00AM ET .  4:00PM UK | 5 HOURS 

Also a first – we’ll all be cleaning up our kitchens together following my special Kitchen Detox Blueprint. It will be so much fun! 
“I have taken two courses with Karen and I would recommend them highly. Karen is so knowledgeable, so passionate and has a wonderful way of pushing people to the next level.

I would like to say to anyone out there who is thinking of doing a course with Karen is DO IT! You will learn so much.”

- Tess W, UK
"Karen has many gifts. Most importantly she exudes a compassion which connects her with people. We are all seeking a healthier lifestyle. Karen inspires us to connect more to our true selves and go beyond our physical limitations... I really, really, really like Karen. She’s a blessing - a cornucopia of sweetness and determination.
- Jane D, USA
"Before working with Karen, I was eating to a set of rules my mind had decided on, influenced by all the things I had read. I now have a hundred percent happier relationship with food."
- Suzanne, UK
Thank you so much for showing me and taking me to a place I’d only have ever dreamed of! More people need to experience what I have! Thank you!!”
- Laura, UK



About Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler has been successfully coaching, guiding, supporting and mentoring men and women of all ages from all backgrounds for almost 25 years. Building off the back of her own personal journey with weight gain as a teen, poor body image, eating challenges of every kind and everything that went with that, Karen learned first-hand that real long-lasting success starts and ends with ourselves.

Karen’s unique Eater Type methodology is a proven first-step in helping any individual to understand more of who they are, what drives them, and ultimately provides their first all-important key to success. Karen is beyond confident that she can help anyone to eat cleaner and to really understand what makes them tick, no matter what their background, history, budget or motivation. No-one has baffled or mystified Karen yet!

Karen says: “It’s no secret that there are literally thousands upon thousands of eating programs, diets, philosophies and ‘rules’ out there about what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Just as no-one should tell you how to live your life, no-one should tell you what to eat, either.

It is YOUR body, your diet and your life, and yours alone.

Whether you realise it or not, your body came fully equipped with its own innate knowledge of what foods and drinks would work best for it. As you may also know, the modern world that we are living in has done an amazing job at throwing so many options, ingredients and rules at us, that somewhere along the way we forgot this, and it all got incredibly confusing and chaotic. 

Your (fun!) opportunity now is to discover or re-discover exactly what your perfect way of eating looks like. This is the way that enables your body to look and feel its very best, so that you can finally step into the body that you really WANT.

If you want to save (literally) thousands of hours figuring this out for yourself, and finally free yourself from going round in circles with diets, weight loss programs, disorganisation and confusion, then investing in this program is the single best decision you could ever make.

Karen was incredibly insightful and had a perception pertaining to the inner me that even my closest friends had not stumbled upon.

I felt completely motivated and inspired to implement these changes and only then would my eating patterns normalise and eventually I would have the necessary tools to eat clean.

Karen does not merely give you a meal plan - she looks inside her client and gives them the foundations - for eating, for life.

Since our session I have made many amazing changes to my path - and I have not had one guilt-ridden bingeing session since.

For the first time in my life I feel in control of my destiny and am embracing this new-found freedom.

It may sound dramatic - after only one session. But trust me Karen is worth every penny.

You cannot put a price on inner peace, freedom, sense of purpose and true identity.”

- Georgia, UK

Got questions? We have answers!

It’s a complete success system for weight-loss:

  • Coaching
  • Education
  • Inner work
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Support, inspiration & getting things DONE!

You will be hard-pressed to find such a complete program from someone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off for almost 30 years!

(Karen started her journey at 19 and is now 49. All the photos on this page were taken when she was 48.)

As soon as you join, you will receive your log-in information for ALL pieces of the program which are stored in a special online home.

Everything you need to know will be clearly outlined for you within that Members Area.

The investment for your 120 day weight loss journey with Karen is just £797 (approx. $992). 

Alternatively an instalment option is also available.

This is an incredible price specifically because the way that Karen will coach and guide you will be unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

Considering that Karen charges £25,000 for 3-months 1:1 coaching, this is an amazing opportunity to receive her support for a fraction of the price.

UK & EU customers: By law we must charge 20% VAT (value added tax) on your order.

If you live within the USA, Canada, Australasia and essentially outside of the UK and EU, you should not be charged VAT.

Please note that the USD price quoted is only approximate as currencies fluctuate from hour to hour.

Therefore please take any USD price quoted as an approximation which was given the day this page was  published.

For your most up-to-date conversion, please click here.

There are no refunds on this program. 

You have lifetime access to everything provided as part of this program, including recordings of all calls and workshops.

As a rough guide, expect to invest 4 hours per week, including the 60-75 minute live call.

However, it will depend on how much time and energy you put into each lesson (module) and some will need more time than others.

Obviously if you rush through the program you will spend less time but dilute your results.

When you reflect on how many hours per day you currently spend worrying about food or disliking your body, the time invested in this program will be worth every second, because of the years of continued struggle and frustration it will save you out the other side!

(Not to mention that you’ll be able to get into that little black dress or those tight-fitting jeans that much sooner!)

As the old adage goes: “The more you put in, the more you will get out.”

Giving your full attention and energy to this program will literally save you from going around in circles for months, years and even decades to come.

And enable you to create the body that you want.

We would say that’s a pretty incredible return on investment, wouldn’t you?!

You will receive help from Karen during every live call AND via the Facebook Group.

If you cannot make a call live but have a question, simply email it to in advance of the call so Karen can read it out and respond on the next call.

With regard to private coaching:

Karen has two openings for 1:1 clients currently. Please email in the first instance.

Please note that private coaching with Karen is for a minimum of 3 months, starts at £25,000 and one-off sessions are no longer available. Please bear this in mind when emailing.


No problem! You can reach us via or via our contact page.

We aim to reply to all emails as quickly as possible Monday-Friday, with the exception of public holidays.

“When I started working with Karen, just 4/5 weeks ago, I was unsure of exactly what to expect, both in terms of coaching and results.

I remember filling out an answer on the client questionnaire:

Taking into account your financial investment in your coaching, what 90-day results if achieved would you consider to have a value far in excess of the price paid?

My reply: 'If I quit eating processed foods and had no desire to eat them I would consider this to be a fantastic result.'

As I wrote my answer I was half hoping it could happen and half thinking that it would be unachievable.

Here I am just weeks later genuinely feeling free from my food problems. I feel that the coaching helped sort out my confusion on the whole subject. I used to wake up each morning worried about what I had eaten the previous day and making renewed promises to be ‘good’ - that I would later break. I had been struggling for years with my eating and now I can stop obsessing about it.

I am in the position where I am looking forward to sorting out the rest of my life and I feel able to do that now.

For longer than I can remember I was getting panicked, despondent and overwhelmed by everything. It feels like you’ve calmed me down and helped me see things much more clearly. Thank you very much.”

- Colleen, UK

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