A lot can happen in an hour...

If you are feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed, or just plain unhappy or uninspired – 

Whether that be with your diet, your life, your business, or even all three…


Spend just 60-minutes with me and by the end of our time together, I promise you will leave with exactly what you need to move forward in exactly the way that you desire.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Know how to modify your diet or eating habits to get the results that you want *
  • Come to a clear decision about a life issue that’s important to you and know exactly how to proceed *
  • Or even to create a certain amount of income within your business *

Spending an hour on Zoom with me will help you to address and conquer any or all of these, and, potentially, even more!

* The above are some common examples of the kinds of things I can help with, although the scope of my work is much greater. The session will be 100% personalised to you.


1 hour zoom call
with karen knowler

Just me and you live on Zoom on a 1:1 confidential call lasting up to 60-minutes to discuss and be coached around whatever you need help with. Let’s get you clear, motivated and moving in the direction that you want to go, as quickly and easily as possible. Choose from diet, life or business, or even a combination of two or all three.

recording of the zoom call
for your personal use

Within 24 hours of us completing, you’ll receive a link to download the audio recording of our Zoom call together. This way, you’ll be able to re-listen to it, take notes and benefit from tuning in as many times as you want or need to. Perfect for when you need a boost or to be reminded of what we discussed!


I have a huge array of trainings, workbooks, modules and various other resources at my fingertips because I’ve been creating them for over 25 years! Once our session is complete I will consider what the best resource is to assist you with your particular challenge and I’ll send it over to you with the audio recording from our session with my compliments!


* VAT is applied to all UK & EU orders.

Sessions valid for up to 90 days from purchase.

About Karen

Karen Knowler has been teaching, coaching and mentoring in the areas of diet, life and business for 25 years, 20 years and 15 years respectively.

She is known for her practical yet visionary approach as well as being highly intuitive and knowing what is right for each client in the moment.

Karen has worked privately with men and women from every walk of life and every corner of the globe, including household names and celebrities.

She has trained over 2000 people to become professional raw food coaches and/or teachers, worldwide.

These Power Hour sessions have been created for those who would love to work privately with Karen and receive her coaching and guidance on life-changing matters, and want to have a breakthrough or transformation quickly.