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If you're serious about creating a high-level of income & impact in your business but don't yet have a unique Signature System in place, you are not just "missing a trick", you are missing the very thing that will put you on the map, keep you on the map and ensure that you share your very best work with the world and enable you to generate the most income possible.

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While the 4-month “Your 7 Figure Signature System” program has completed, you can now map out your very own Signature System in this brand-new 4-hour workshop:

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"When I worked with Karen to discover my Signature System I had a business idea and a burning desire to turn my sketchy ideas into reality, but I lacked clarity, knew nothing about business and had no idea where to start.

Attempting to go it alone wasn’t an option.

Diving into discovering your very own Signature System asks you to work from your heart and soul. Whether you are like I was, wanting to start out as a solopreneur, or if you have an established business that you want to elevate to the next levels, discovering your Signature System is truly enlightening, and by this I mean you will gain the necessary clarity required to be successful.

Karen pours all her heart, soul, knowledge, expertise and coaching skills into all of her program offerings and this process is no exception. Working through the modules was exciting, inspirational, thought provoking and oftentimes for me, uncomfortable because it required growth, self-discovery and a change in mindset.

One thing I know for sure when you work with Karen you need to be ready to become comfortable feeling uncomfortable and when you put the work into practise success will follow. Karen has over 25 years of coaching experience and has the most amazing intuitive abilities. Her unique and soulful style is unforgettable. She is a thought leader, visionary and creator of the highest calibre. Working with Karen over the years has impacted my life in so many amazing ways I will forever be grateful to her."

Joyce Piper, The Face Yoga Coach | Adelaide, Australia
Hi, I’m Karen Knowler. 

I’ve been a successful online business owner for 25 years now, and have been teaching and mentoring others to start and grow their businesses for over 15 years.

During this time, in order to be the best changemaker that I can be, I have worked with some of the world’s leading online business mentors and have been part of 6-figure masterminds, learning and growing my own business alongside other famous mentors you may have heard of.

Through of all of this, if there’s one thing I have learned and have experienced first-hand, it’s that having your own unique methodology, your own unique System, is the single most powerful and valuable asset that you and your business can have. Without this, you cannot stand out, you cannot make your own mark, and you cannot bring to the world the body of work that you were born to give.

Whatever your stage of business, however far you have – or haven’t – yet got with distilling and presenting your work… If you feel that you have something wonderful and powerful to bring to the world, but you need some support and guidance to do it, I invite you to join me for this genuinely life-changing and business-changing program, so that together we can ensure you create the impact and income you deserve.

I’ve used multiple Signature Systems over the years to create multi-millions of pounds/dollars of income.

In doing so I’ve impacted millions of lives all around the world via my products, programs and other offers, and also through the many TV, magazine, newspaper and radio appearances that have come off the back of these.

In short: having a variety of Signature Systems not only led to the income that I aspired to, but also to the wider opportunities that increased my reach and impact. Knowing what my Systems are has been, in my opinion, the single greatest secret to my 25 years of ongoing success.

Here’s just a few examples of some of my bodies of work that I’ve created over the years, off the back of my various systems:

Below shows a few of the different ways my “Eater Types” body of work was utilised to first create a print book published by Hay House, then into an online quiz, the creation of 10 unique icons, individual fact-sheets for each Eater Type and into a 5-part weight loss program.
Also shown, some of the various newspaper and magazine features that came off the back of the book publication in 2012.

These are just a small selection of the products and services created from this one body of work.

“A short way into creating my online business, I worked with Karen privately to create my own unique Signature System.

This was because it made so much sense for me to do this - rather than creating lots of random programs and services that didn’t support or fit in with one another, and ultimately wouldn’t help my clients get very far without a step-by-step journey to follow.

During the course of working with Karen we not only mapped out my unique 7-step Signature System, we also rolled that system out into a 4-week program, a free gift, a monthly membership program, a VIP Day offer, and even my first book!

But knowing what my system is has not just made it easy to know what products and services to create, it has also enabled me to be clear on what my website should say (and not say), what my social media posts should be about and also what I do and don’t do with clients in the future.

In short, having my own Signature System has created a blueprint for literally ALL of my business activities moving forward so that I am clear on what I’m here to teach (and in what order) and my clients and future clients know that I have a whole methodology that they can follow and trust to get the success that they want.

I really don’t know how I would be moving forward with my business if I hadn't worked with Karen to create my own unique process right from the start. Plus, it was so much fun!

Melodie Hinson, Money Coach for women who want to live their Most Epic Life | North Carolina, USA