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If you've been thinking about creating a raw food business or already have one but you're not sure how the landscape has changed and whether you have anything different or special to contribute... This is for YOU!

In this 1-hour webinar you will learn:
How the raw food industry has changed over the years and where it is TODAY
🍏 The best places to position yourself and the best markets to serve if you want to make a real difference while spreading the word about raw food in 2023 and beyond
🍏 The key things you must learn, understand and do in order to guarantee success

If you are serious about making a real impact and income by sharing raw food with people in this very different world, then you simply must not miss this. You will gain immediate access to the replay upon sign-up.

Karen Knowler is a long-term raw food author, teacher, coach and mentor, who has been training & mentoring raw food professionals since 2007. Karen has personally trained over 2000 Raw Food Coaches & Teachers worldwide and has been the secret go-to mentor for many of the most well-known professionals in the raw food industry. Alongside her many accolades, Karen is the creator of International Raw Food Day, the International Association of Raw Food Chefs, Coaches & Teachers, and has appeared live on national TV in front of millions of viewers.