Q: what one thing do all of these people have in common?

A: A step-by-step process that is uniquely their own, that they have distilled, packaged & sold, and that has put them on the map, earned them millions of dollars & has changed millions of lives along the way

Want that?
If You Know That Your Income & Impact Are Only a FRACTION of What They Could Be, and You're Ready for So Much More, Knowing How to Apply This Little-Known Secret is Literally THE Answer to Your Prayers
And Will Change Everything for You


Dear Business Owner,

Can you relate:

  • You have so many different ideas floating around your head that you don’t know what on earth to focus on next or lack a plan you get behind.
  • When you do create something it doesn’t sell as well as you want it to, even though you know it’s brilliant and you struggle to understand why. It’s so frustrating.
  • Clients don’t seem to stick even though they say they love working with you (and you know they’re telling the truth!)
  • You feel frustrated because you want to help more people but just can’t seem to get the traction you want with your existing business.
  • Your finances are not where you want them to be because you are having to do too many things, spin way too many plates, and your “deep work” time is being used up on admin, continually launching, and itty bitty time-sucking tasks that only you can do. By the time Friday rolls around you feel no further forward and frankly, exhausted!
  • Every month feels like a game of Russian Roulette with your finances and it’s heartbreaking because you know you have so much great stuff to give.
  • Your best work rarely sees the light of day because you are too busy delivering the quick-and-easy stuff just to keep the wheels turning.
  • You know you can help way more people and help people so much better than you currently are, and yet you just can’t seem to get ahead.
  • You want to be a notable in your industry, someone who really stands out and gets the best clients and opportunities but realise that is never going to happen if you continue on like this.
  • You know you can’t go on like this forever – not just for financial reasons but you could burn out if you don’t decrease your workload and plate spinning – and soon…
  • ULTIMATELY: you’re frustrated beyond measure because you just want to get on and SERVE, doing work that you love and are amazing at, and to finally make the level of income you dream of so that you can enjoy the quality of life that you promised yourself. (And, let’s face it – deserve.)

LET'S GET YOUr situation SORTED... and fast!

I know it may feel like a big horrible mess right now, but there IS a way out.

Not only will it rectify your frustration, bank balance and peace of mind for the short-term, it will also enable you to create the body of work, the invaluable transformation for your clients that you really want to give them, and position you as the go-to person in your field or niche, FOREVER.

Once you have this in place, you will never look back and you’ll be on track for everything you set out to achieve, and more.

ALLOW ME TO lay your freedom plan out for you

(you're welcome!)

STEP 1: You need to decide or re-decide the exact journey that you want to take your clients/customers on. This creates the parameters of your work. This means that you get clear on exactly where you want to take someone from (Point A), and exactly where you want to take someone to (Point B). I call this spectrum from A to B your “Umbrella System” because the journey that you take someone on will typically span more than a couple of steps. (It usually falls somewhere between 5 and 12 steps, but varies from business owner to business owner. These steps create your complete System – a.k.a Umbrella System.) When you know what your Umbrella System is, it’s GAME ON!

STEP 2: With your Point A and Point B in mind, your next step is to empty your brain and find out EXACTLY what you’ve got. You need to get all of the pieces OUT. (There’s a heck of a lot in there, more than you think, and most likely way more genius hiding out in there than you have the first clue about!)

STEP 3: Next, you need to take all of those pieces and start grouping them together within each of the steps that fall within your Umbrella System. This is where each of those individual steps within your System start coming to life.

STEP 4: This is where you dive deeper into the details of each step and break each of your steps down into the separate smaller steps within them. Because this can be a LOT of work, I recommend that you pick just ONE step to focus on first, and flesh that out in as much detail as necessary, for someone to be able to follow it and be successful.

By the end of this step you’ll have your very first Signature System!

STEP 5: Is to take your first Signature System and turn it into a product, service or offer that enables someone to work with your System and get the transformation or results they desire. This might look like a book, a program, a class, a home study program, a treatment plan, a high-ticket offer, a mastermind or even a certification program.

This is how your turn your knowledge into the impact and income you are seeking.

Once you have one Signature System rocking and rolling for you, if you want to create even more income and impact, and become a real luminary in the world, you might choose to really go for it and…

STEP 6: Repeat Steps 4&5 for all of the other steps within your Umbrella System. If you have 5 steps in your System, this means you’ll need to flesh the other four out. If you have 12, then you’ll have 11 more to flesh out.

Once you’ve fleshed out ALL of the steps within your Umbrella System you’ll have created your best possible body of work.  A body of work that could equate to creating quite literally millions of dollars within your business over the next few years, and for as long as you decide to keep sharing it.

Now isn’t that a journey worth taking?!

you will finally get to take your clients on the magical journey you've always wanted to, but just couldn't figure out how to do it... until now

Doing this work changes EVERYTHING:

  • No more confusion.
  • No more start-stop client relationships.
  • No more feast-or-famine.
  • No more frustration.
  • No more messing about with itty-bitty things that aren’t worth the time or effort.
  • No more diluting your genius or not being able to share it at all.
  • No more “Aaaaarghhh! I don’t know where I’m going!”
  • No more staring at your bank account wondering how you’re going to make ends meet.

Instead you’ll have:

  • A beautiful body of work you can be proud of.
  • A clear definitive path that you can walk people along.
  • The opportunity to work with people at all stages and all levels (if that’s what you want).
  • A smaller number of products and services that make sense both independently and collectively. (Think “curated offers” as opposed to “messy garage sale”!)
  • Complete clarity – not just about what you’re selling, but also what to put on your website, what to post on social media, what to talk to your subscribers about and how to introduce and position yourself in the world.
  • Unshakeable confidence because you’ll know exactly what you do, exactly who you serve, exactly how you help people, and you’ll have a clear suite of offers that deliver your work in wonderful & result-producing ways.


You and your offers will be MAGNETIC because in creating this, automatically you generate:


You will move from repelling your best potential clients who currently don’t see your business as a safe space to land (for more than a short stint, anyway) to attracting them in without reservation because they can see that you can be their trusted advisor, confidante and support – not just for a day or week or month, but for every step of the way for as long as they need you.

And this means…

  • Your life becomes so much easier.
  • Your business becomes a JOY.
  • You’re happier and way more fulfilled than you’ve ever been before, because you know you’re delivering your very best work.
  • Your impact and credibility soar.
  • Opportunity rains.
  • Your positioning in the market place rises dramatically.
  • Your income grows exponentially.
  • You make the difference you came here to make.

The whole world benefits when you get your content in order

And as the great Napoleon Hill said in his own landmark body of work, "Think and Grow Rich":

Meaning… If you don’t get your knowledge in order and package and sell it to those who need it, you will struggle to generate the income and impact that you dream of.



“Your 7-Figure Signature System” is a fully-supported part 1:1/part online group program that will enable you to take those first 5 steps I’ve shared with you, and to come out the other side beyond delighted with your very first or next Signature System offer, already making you money, or ready to sell.

This program is called “Your 7-Figure Signature System” because if you apply yourself and take the necessary steps, just this ONE single System can absolutely be your ticket to a million or multi-millions of income within a year, a few years or a decade, depending. How far and how high you go with your impact and your income is completely up to you, but having your System, steps and sub-steps all mapped out and turned into something amazing you can sell on repeat year-after-year, will enable you to reach your income goals with so much more ease and grace than constantly scrabbling around to create yet another one-time offer – year, after year, after year.

Existing business owners who have had enough of the struggle, the frustration and playing smaller than they know they are capable of, AND new or aspiring business owners who can see how this could easily happen to them if they don’t learn this now, and want to get it right from the start. (This is need-to-know information that unfortunately most business owners do not know.)

And this is especially for those who know they are here to do big things in the world but need some serious help in knowing how to break it down into bite-sized pieces and turn it into something wonderful, that real people can actually apply and are eager to purchase.

Because it’s literally the needle mover between where you are now and where you want to be. Nothing else will cut it. You NEED to know your System. If you are serious about making a significant impact and earning $50,000 to multi-millions per year, there will never be single more powerful move than to discover and implement your very own unique Signature System.

You will go from burnt-out, confused, frustrated and struggling, to clear, excited, methodical and winning. You will feel that FINALLY you have your s*** figured out. (And that you have turned that s*** into GOLD!)

Your business will go from being “just another business in your niche” to being THE go-to business in your niche. The one that everyone looks to as the gold standard and wonders “how the heck did s/he do THAT?!”

Your clients and future clients will go from feeling frustrated that they can’t work with you for longer and having to find someone else who can help them, to being thrilled that they can trust and rely on you to walk them all the way to success. They will grant you a monopoly and be delighted to do so.

Your bank balance will go from being a regular source of stress and anxiety to being something that just grows and grows and grows, limited only by your desire to serve and put your work out there to those who are waiting for you to make it available to them.

The design of this program is elegant and super-simple.

It has been designed to ensure that you are focused on the right System for YOU and your business and for where you are RIGHT NOW, and then it is focused on supporting to you to get the work DONE with high-accountability, support and guidance. 

Here’s exactly how it works:


Your journey begins the moment you sign-up with an opportunity to brainstorm and collate what you already know in preparation for our work together.

You’ll be provided with a workbook and instructions in order to do this. It’s not a deep dive and won’t take you long, but it will help you to mentally and emotionally prepare for the journey we are going on. Once completed, you’ll email me this to review and I’ll get back to you with feedback and you’ll gain access to Workbook 2.


After I’ve given you feedback on Workbook 1, you’ll receive Workbook 2 + instructional audio to map out your Umbrella System using my can’t-fail process. By the end of this do-at-your-own-pace workshop you will know exactly what your Umbrella System is, the unique name you’re giving it, the number of steps within your Umbrella System, the key pieces within each of those steps, and you’ll have given each step a working title. Allow 4 hours for this step.

1:1 SESSION #1 of 3

Once you’ve completed Workbook 2, you’ll email it to me and we’ll set up a time to speak for 20-30 minutes on Zoom to go through it and make sure it’s on-point and that you’re ready to move to the next step. Aim to take this session no later than the end of May 2023.


After we’ve spoken on Zoom, you’ll receive Workbook 3 + instructional audio to help you to choose which piece of your Umbrella System you’re going to work on for the duration of the program. You’ll use my Decision Matrix to weigh up all of the various important considerations and come out the other side with the best decision for you. You’ll also decide which format your offer will be created in – e.g. a group program, a high-ticket 1:1 offer, a book, a home study, a live class or event, or a mastermind. Allow 90 minutes for this step.

1:1 SESSION #2 of 3

Once you’ve completed Workbook 3, you’ll email it to me and we’ll set up a time to speak for our next 20-30 minutes on Zoom to go through it and make sure it’s the right choice for you before you move to the next step. Aim to take this session no later than the middle of June 2023.


After we’ve spoken on Zoom, you’ll receive Workbook 4 + instructional audio to map out all of the steps within the System you have chosen to work on, and all of the key pieces within each step that you’ll need to flesh out. This sets the scene so that you can then move forward with absolute clarity about what you’re creating, and a step-by-step plan for creating it. Allow 2 hours for this step.

1:1 SESSION #3 of 3

Once you’ve completed Workbook 4, you’ll email it to me and we’ll set up a time to speak for our third and final 20-30 minutes on Zoom so that we can make sure you have all of the steps mapped out and are all set for the upcoming 3 months of Get-it-Done sessions, starting on Monday 3rd July 2023.

From Monday 3rd July until Monday 25 September 2023 you are going to be fleshing out your System and turning it into a product or service via our 25x Get-it-Done Group Zoom sessions.

We will meet as a group twice-weekly EVERY WEEK on Zoom (every Monday and Wednesday) for 2-hours of “Get-it-Done” time.

This makes a total of  25 sessions – 50 hours total – of dedicated time focused on YOUR System and getting it created, marketed and starting to sell it in (or sold).

Every session will begin a share of what you’re going to be working on for the next 90-minutes, and every session will end with a share of how you got on and what you accomplished. During the 90-minute work session you can ask me for help, guidance or whatever you need to get moving or get unstuck.

You’ll be working together, on camera, for ultimate accountability, community and to cheer each other on.

Don’t worry if you can’t make every session, everything will be recorded and you may also not need as much time as other members of the group. We can discuss this during our 1:1 calls.

At the start of this window, you’ll also receive Workbook #5 – Your Complete System Checklist. This is provided to ensure that you don’t miss a detail when it comes to moving from idea to creation. For example, have you found the right designer? Do you know what the front cover or logo will look like? How about how long something will take to print or ship to you if it’s a physical product? Having this personalised checklist will ensure that no detail gets overlooked so that you can stay on-track with timings and know exactly what steps you need to take to bring your unique System to life.

Workbook #6 – Your Marketing Strategy will be provided at the start of August so that once your System creation is well underway you can start to brainstorm and receive help around how best to market and sell your System so that you can reach your impact and income goals.

The Get-it-Done calls start at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK and go for 2 hours each every Monday and Wednesday starting on Monday 3rd July and completing on Monday 25th September 2023. 

I’m really excited to offer this incredible bonus that will put the cherry on top of your game-changing 7FSS journey with me!

Honestly, this bonus alone will be worth your investment in this program. However, I want to gift it to you so that you have all of the clarity you need to move forward – with or without me – to flesh your ENTIRE Umbrella System out.

Meaning: we’ll spend a final 2 hours together live as a group on Zoom and during this BONUS workshop you will:

  • Revisit your Umbrella System (created inside of Workbook 2).
  • Clarify what steps (Signature Systems) are still needing to be created within your Umbrella System.
  • Decide upon the format of each step (E.g. book, home study, program, etc.)
  • Create a timeline for the creation of each step so that you know exactly when you will do it and can schedule time in your calendar to follow-through.

If you feel you would like my help to map out the rest of your Umbrella System and to bring it to life over the coming year, that option will be available and we’ll discuss it nearer the time.

This bonus workshop will take place on Wednesday 27th September 2023 at the usual time of 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK.

"When I worked with Karen to discover my Signature System I had a business idea and a burning desire to turn my sketchy ideas into reality, but I lacked clarity, knew nothing about business and had no idea where to start.

Attempting to go it alone wasn’t an option.

Diving into discovering your very own Signature System asks you to work from your heart and soul. Whether you are like I was, wanting to start out as a solopreneur, or if you have an established business that you want to elevate to the next levels, discovering your Signature System is truly enlightening, and by this I mean you will gain the necessary clarity required to be successful.

Karen pours all her heart, soul, knowledge, expertise and coaching skills into all of her program offerings and this process is no exception. Working through the modules was exciting, inspirational, thought provoking and oftentimes for me, uncomfortable because it required growth, self-discovery and a change in mindset.

One thing I know for sure when you work with Karen you need to be ready to become comfortable feeling uncomfortable and when you put the work into practise success will follow. Karen has over 25 years of coaching experience and has the most amazing intuitive abilities. Her unique and soulful style is unforgettable. She is a thought leader, visionary and creator of the highest calibre. Working with Karen over the years has impacted my life in so many amazing ways I will forever be grateful to her."

Joyce Piper, The Face Yoga Coach | Adelaide, Australia
Hi, I’m Karen Knowler. 

I’ve been a successful online business owner for 25 years now, and have been teaching and mentoring others to start and grow their businesses for over 15 years.

During this time, in order to be the best changemaker that I can be, I have worked with some of the world’s leading online business mentors and have been part of 6-figure masterminds, learning and growing my own business alongside other famous mentors you may have heard of.

Through of all of this, if there’s one thing I have learned and have experienced first-hand, it’s that having your own unique methodology, your own unique System, is the single most powerful and valuable asset that you and your business can have. Without this, you cannot stand out, you cannot make your own mark, and you cannot bring to the world the body of work that you were born to give.

Whatever your stage of business, however far you have – or haven’t – yet got with distilling and presenting your work… If you feel that you have something wonderful and powerful to bring to the world, but you need some support and guidance to do it, I invite you to join me for this genuinely life-changing and business-changing program, so that together we can ensure you create the impact and income you deserve.

I’ve used multiple Signature Systems over the years to create multi-millions of pounds/dollars of income.

In doing so I’ve impacted millions of lives all around the world via my products, programs and other offers, and also through the many TV, magazine, newspaper and radio appearances that have come off the back of these.

In short: having a variety of Signature Systems not only led to the income that I aspired to, but also to the wider opportunities that increased my reach and impact. Knowing what my Systems are has been, in my opinion, the single greatest secret to my 25 years of ongoing success.

Here’s just a few examples of some of my bodies of work that I’ve created over the years, off the back of my various systems:

Below shows a few of the different ways my “Eater Types” body of work was utilised to first create a print book published by Hay House, then into an online quiz, the creation of 10 unique icons, individual fact-sheets for each Eater Type and into a 5-part weight loss program.
Also shown, some of the various newspaper and magazine features that came off the back of the book publication in 2012.

These are just a small selection of the products and services created from this one body of work.

“A short way into creating my online business, I worked with Karen privately to create my own unique Signature System.

This was because it made so much sense for me to do this - rather than creating lots of random programs and services that didn’t support or fit in with one another, and ultimately wouldn’t help my clients get very far without a step-by-step journey to follow.

During the course of working with Karen we not only mapped out my unique 7-step Signature System, we also rolled that system out into a 4-week program, a free gift, a monthly membership program, a VIP Day offer, and even my first book!

But knowing what my system is has not just made it easy to know what products and services to create, it has also enabled me to be clear on what my website should say (and not say), what my social media posts should be about and also what I do and don’t do with clients in the future.

In short, having my own Signature System has created a blueprint for literally ALL of my business activities moving forward so that I am clear on what I’m here to teach (and in what order) and my clients and future clients know that I have a whole methodology that they can follow and trust to get the success that they want.

I really don’t know how I would be moving forward with my business if I hadn't worked with Karen to create my own unique process right from the start. Plus, it was so much fun!

Melodie Hinson, Money Coach for women who want to live their Most Epic Life | North Carolina, USA
I think I’ve been pretty thorough in sharing with you what a Signature System can do for you and your business.

When you take a closer look at any online service-based business that’s been successful, you’ll see that they too are building out their own unique system that started its life as a few clear simple steps and then evolved into a range of products and services.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

See if you recognise any of these Signature System using people…


Kim Constable Buttcamp
Danielle LaPorte Desire Map
Gabby Bernstein Miracle Books & Membership


Here’s a quick recap of everything you receive as part of this 4-month program:

Personal Dropbox folder to access all materials and recordings. (ALL calls are recorded.)

Private Facebook group to share wins, successes and ask for idaes/feedback from others – open for July, August, September 2023.

1x Preparation Workbook + instructions to get you started as soon as you sign-up.

3x Workbooks + audio instructions, to work through at your own pace.

3x 20-30 minute 1:1 Zoom calls to check in on your progress and decisions and ensure they’re the right/best ones for you.

50 hours of supported Get-it-Done time, spread across 3 months, twice per week, in 2-hour group Zoom sessions. These sessions are not just to get it done but also to give you that much needed community and accountability.

1x “Complete System Checklist” workbook.

1x “Your Marketing Strategy” workbook.

BONUS 2-HOUR WORKSHOP: “My 7-Figure Signature System Grand Plan” workshop and workbook to help you to flesh out every part of your wider System.

The option to UPGRADE to have 1:1 support from me throughout the 3 Get-it-Done-months. This will be given as an option at checkout if you’d like to receive even more support.

When it comes to your investment in this program, with not only the methodology provided to help you map out EVERY System you ever create or want to create, but also the support to GET IT DONE…

What would that be worth to you?

Personally, knowing what I know first-hand about where it can lead to, I KNOW what you will learn and create inside these next months is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you… minimum!

But the good news is, I’m not charging anywhere near that amount for this incredible hand-held opportunity.


Because I don’t want money to be the barrier or the excuse for you.

I know what it’s like to begin with nothing except a desire to help people and not know where to start.

I know what it’s like to have so much knowledge and not a clue what to do with it.

I know what it’s like to look at the Danielle LaPorte’s of this world and think, “I would LOVE to create that kind of product and impact”… but not know how to even create an eBook.

Lucky for you, not only do I know how to pull the very best content out of you, but also how to package it in a myriad of ways, how to get the best design and product creation so your body of work looks the part, how to take it to market and how to get yourself SEEN.

In short, I can help you share your magic with this world in a way that you love, a way that creates real impact and a way that enables you to breathe and then flourish financially.

So if you’re ready to finally get your content clear, your head straight and your positioning iconic, click on the button below and I think you’ll be VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

this is your moment, take it


I also help people privately if the 7FSS program isn't quite right for them...

Let's chat!