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Do you want to look and feel VERY different in just 3-7 days?


how about like a whole new person?


Listen to Sarah’s amazing experience after juice cleansing for the first time for just 3 days:


SharronCLEANSE! Participant
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'My intention was to reduce weight and get back into better habits. After 7 days I was down 5lbs (2.4kg) and down 2% body fat. I’m carrying on for a few more days, with a few more smoothies this time. I’m currently drinking my favourite juice, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger and beetroot. Going forward, I was already thinking of doing this seasonally as I had done another cleanse back in the spring. I will no doubt reconnect with some of you lovely ladies in the autumn! I’m also thinking of adding one or two day juice only days a week, a bit like intermittent fasting. I’m feeling good, and very mentally alert after my 7 days. Looking forward to keeping the momentum.'



MarieCLEANSE! Participant
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'Loved the experience of doing CLEANSE! with a group! 🤗🙏 I am very satisfied with my cleanse result! I feel way lighter, lost 7 pounds, so I reached my pre-pregnancy weight! I had focused on juices and smoothies but did have soup or a raw salad in the evening. Even raw chocolate on the toughest day to ground me! 🍫🙏 I am more positive and it took me out of my slumber, I was VERY deflated after this last winter (with our daughter’s mental health issues) and this cleanse tonified me and lifted me up 🔝, recharged me with so sought after energy, so I don’t get depleted easily after doing really anything!!! 🙏🙏🌬🌟🙌🏻 Also I am calmer and I can deal with any issues better. I am also more productive 🙌🏻 So so grateful for this experience, Karen Knowler and all beautiful participating ladies!!!'

Here's what's waiting for you inside the program:


Immune-boosting juices & smoothies to invigorate the body and mind – such as the Green Goddess Juice, Get the Green Buzz Juice, Beets the Best Juice, Raw Lemonade, The Immune Booster, Easy Come Go-Ji Berry Smoothie.​

Tropical flavours to inspire your dreams and goals including Happy Juice, Pine-Apple-Berry Juice, Mono-Melon Smoothie, Luke’s Passion Smoothie, Young Coconut Smoothie.

Delicious and filling shakes that are nutrient-rich AND guilt-free like the Mango & Spinach Smoothie, Liquid Toffee, Strawberry Pudding Thick Shake.

Indulgent and decadent nut and seed-based drinks including Vanilla & Sesame Shake, Chocolate Milk, Hemp Milk, Sweet Vanilla Pecan Milk.




Everything you need to know about how to get organised for the program and how to deal with challenges along the way. This is your go-to guide before, during and after the program to ensure you stay on track.


This invaluable guide will help you to work WITH your Eater Type so that your cleanse is exactly what you want and need it to be. (You'll be amazed at how different the guidance is for each one!) Don't know your Eater Type? Take the 2-minute test and you'll know right away.


Not sure what you want to do? Need ideas for how your cleanse could look? No worries! This eBook will give you three very different 7-day plans to choose from that cover beginners through to advanced. Modifications also given along with suggested recipes from the collection.


One recipe per page so you can print out the ones you want to use and save the rest. The recipes are ordered from the most simple juices through to the heavier nut milks. The recipes are all delicious, and diverse, to suit all tastes, needs and Eater Types.


For those who want to use their week as a chance to improve their life as well as their health, this workbook will help you to discover and plan how best to utilise the extra energy you gain this week and put it to great use. While by no means mandatory, people find it beneficial to have this focus.


This page will be your one-stop resting place for all of the key aspects of your cleanse. Among other things you'll be naming your cleanse, setting an intention for your CLEANSE! journey and much more! This is my favourite document within the whole program, it's almost like magic!


This page is for planning out your menu in advance so you know exactly what you'll be consuming and when. There's also an area to write your shopping list so that you can get your ingredients in 1-2 days before we start.


This Journal will be INVALUABLE to you as you move day-by-day through the cleanse. There's lots of different pieces to it that will enable you to keep a full account of what transpired in all aspects, and places to capture any stats such as weight, water, fat and more. Past participants love their Journal and keep them filed for future reference.



If you'd rather go paper-free, there's a beautiful Notion template waiting for you inside the Members Area to download and populate with your own unique CLEANSE! plan. Notion template includes: CLEANSE! Intention & Planner; Self-Care Tracker; Daily Commitments Tracker; Life Upgrade Project Workbook; 7-Day Menu Plan; All 30 Recipe Cards; Shopping List; 9-Day Journal; Daily Stats Tracker.



Private Member Area

This is a password-protected online home for all of your program materials and call recordings. Everything will be housed within this portal and you'll have lifetime access. You receive access to everything above as soon as you sign-up.

Material Download

All program materials are downloadable in PDF format + MP3 audio files. Each piece comes with a separate audio which talks you through how to complete each step. Everything is yours to keep and refer to over and over. INSTANT ACCESS.

Private Chat Group

You'll have access to a private online portal where you can share the GROUP journey with fellow participants. There is also a separate 'Questions for Karen' section where you can ask specific questions outside of calls for more urgent help.

Welcome Zoom Call

We'll meet at 8am PT/11am ET/3pm UK on Saturday 23rd March 2024 to connect as a group and you'll have the opportunity to share your CLEANSE! plan as well as receive any before-we-get-started live support. The recording will be uploaded to the Private Members Area an hour after it completes.

Daily Voicemail Emails

Every day at 6am UK time you'll receive an email from Karen which will contain a motivating voice message to cheer you on and support you from Sunday 24th March, through the entire 7 days of the GROUP CLEANSE! + a couple of days after. This could be just the thing that makes all of the difference!

Daily Zoom Support Calls

We'll meet live as a group on Zoom at 9am PT/12pm ET/4pm UK EVERY DAY for 55 minutes from Monday 25th March through to and including Saturday 30th March. The call on Sunday 31st March will begin one hour later for those in the USA due to the spring time change in UK. These calls are here to support you in whatever way you need it. People usually share successes, challenges & breakthroughs. INVALUABLE.

In short, you'll receive everything you need (except the juices!) to have an amazing 3-7 days cleansing with other men & women just like you.


These THREE BONUS GUIDES will prove invaluable to you during your CLEANSE! experience.


CLEANSE! Bonus 1

Learn how to look after yourself before, during and after your cleanse with this simple and supportive self-care guide.


CLEANSE! Bonus 2

Not all cleanses are equal when it comes to weight loss. Learn how to maximise your weight loss if that’s a goal for you.


CLEANSE! Bonus 3

As mind fog lifts you’ll see things more clearly. This workbook will help you to clarify your next chapter ready for Day 8.


Choose your plan


£ 97*
APPROX. $123
  • The entire CLEANSE! program (Immediate access)
  • 3x Invaluable Bonus eBooks (Immediate access)
  • LIVE Group run of CLEANSE! starting on Monday 25th March 2024
MiaCLEANSE! Participant
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'Woke up feeling lighter, clearer. Noticing face and jawline are slimming. Skin looking younger and eyes looking clearer with each day. Yesterday I enjoyed my salsa inspired juice and made crackers, bread and a mini pizza crust for when I’m done with the cleanse. I’m redefining the food I eat/drink as part of self-care. I’m loving reducing my size and looking forward to being at my normal weight sooner rather than later.'
CybillCLEANSE! Participant
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'Amazing revelations for me. I’ve felt very calm & peaceful during this cleanse.'

Got questions? We have answers!

It’s either or both!

You can choose to follow the program as given to you anytime you want to use it, solo at home… (You gain instant access to all you need as soon as you sign up.)


You can participate in the next live run of the program (in an online group situation) which begins with a Welcome Call on Saturday 23rd March 2024 and runs for a week from Monday 25th March until Sunday 31st March 2024.

You can also do BOTH!

CLEANSE! is more than just a juice/smoothie cleanse – it’s a week-long journey into cleansing, clearing, clarifying and releasing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual gunk that is ready to be released.

You can also see it as a retreat – a chance to spend a week focused just on you and watching in awe as your body, face and mood transform bit-by-bit every single day.

It’s a huge gift that you’re giving to yourself when you decide to CLEANSE! – especially if you cleanse for the whole week.

That being said, as you get to create your own CLEANSE! journey, you will only cleanse as much as you feel you want to, and you call the shots.

The daily Zoom calls ensure that it is a fully supported and amazing collective journey and are a real highlight of the program. Most cleansing programs do not give this level of support and participants say the daily calls are invaluable.

You cannot help but to feel part of something very special when you participate in a quarterly CLEANSE! especially if you attend as many of the calls live as you are able to, or catch up by listening to the replays.

It is amazing to witness and be privy  to the journey that the other members are also going on alongside you.

CLEANSE! is created in such a way that you get to create your own unique CLEANSE! program using the recipes provided and made by you in your own home.

You may choose to make juices only, to do a smoothie cleanse, or to create a unique plan for yourself that incorporates both.

This not only works out much more cost effective than paying for drinks to be made for you, but also helps you to get to know what you like and what works for you and you can tweak and change things as you go.

That being said, it is not imperative that you make your own juices and smoothies, and if you prefer to buy a juice/smoothie cleanse package from a third-party and consume that over the 3-7 days then you are more than welcome to go that route.

A list of juice cleanse providers are listed inside of the Members Area.

If you are planning on making your own juices then you will need access to a juicer.

If you are planning on making smoothies as part of your CLEANSE! then you will need a blender.

If you are buying in all of your juices or someone else is making them for you using their own equipment, then you won’t need any equipment for the CLEANSE!

You will create a shopping list for yourself based on the pre-CLEANSE! prep work that you do.

Ultimately what produce you need and how much of it you need will come down to what type of CLEANSE! you decide to go on and for how long.

This is why it’s a great idea to sign up as soon as possible so that you can start planning as soon as you access the handouts.

Not at all 😀

I recommend that you cleanse for a minimum of three days to feel some real benefits, and also be open to the possibility of going for all seven days if you feel that you want to keep going.

Some people join CLEANSE! knowing that they only want to do three days, while others are already committed to seven.

The most important thing is that you do what feels right for YOU.

After checkout you will receive an email that will let you know how to access the program content, how to post questions (we no longer use Facebook, it’s all in the online portal) and how to access the 8x live Group Zoom Calls.

We recommend that you keep that email somewhere safe where you can easily access it again in the future.

All Zoom call recordings will also be uploaded to the Members Area within 3-4 hours of the call taking place.

You can find the complete list above, but in summary:

  • 30 Juice, Smoothie and Nut/Seed Milk Recipes (30 in total)
  • 8x Zoom Calls + Recordings
  • 8x CLEANSE! Handouts (including Recipe eBook)
  • 1x All-in-one-place Notion template – customised to this specific CLEANSE!
  • 3 Juicy Bonuses – Self-Care Guide, How to Maximise Weight Loss & Design your Next Chapter.
  • 10x Daily voice messages via email (1 per day for 10 days total)
  • Private Chat Group

All calls take place live on Zoom and you will receive the access information when you join the program.

You are welcome to join via video or phone, but my preference is to see you on video as it creates a stronger connection to each participant.

Every Zoom Call is dedicated to answering any and all questions that may be coming up.

There is also a dedicated ‘Questions for Karen’ thread in the Online Chat Group.

Every question asked will be answered! Just be sure to attend a live call and ask it there or post your question in that Question thread the Facebook Group.

The Welcome Guide & Overview explains everything you need to know.

The main thing to be aware of is that there will be some planning you’ll need to do before you start the CLEANSE! – this is where the handouts come in handy – and you’ll need to ensure that you have a juicer and/or blender and the relevant ingredients ready for whe you begin.

Alternatively, if you are planning on ordering in a pre-made juice cleanse then you’ll want to make sure that you are ready to go when the time comes.

NB: Some juice cleanses arrive frozen so if that’s the case you’ll want to make sure they are delivered on the Saturday or Sunday to give them adequate time to defrost.

Bear in mind that the currency conversion between UK£ and US$ is constantly changing, so the prices given here are approximate and correct at time of publication:

Full price: £97 = $124

Early Bird price: £77 = $98.50

For a more up to date conversion, click here.

By law we must charge VAT (value added tax) on all orders placed by customers living in locations where VAT is chargeable.

VAT is currently 20% and will be added at checkout.

If you live within the USA, Canada, Australasia and essentially outside of the UK and EU, you should not be charged VAT.

Please note that the USD price quoted is only approximate as currencies fluctuate from hour to hour.

Therefore please take any USD price quoted as an approximation which was given the day this page was  published.

For your most up-to-date conversion, please click here.

Once purchased, there is no refund on this program, because you gain INSTANT ACCESS to all of the materials. and the Zoom link.

You have lifetime access to this program, so don’t worry if it turns out at the last minute that you cannot participate this time around (although we will miss you!).

You will still be able to create your own CLEANSE! experience from the materials and recordings of the calls.

You have lifelong access to all of the materials and recordings provided during this CLEANSE!, including access to the chat group.

The Zoom Calls complete on Sunday 31st March 2024.

No problem! You can reach us via or via our contact page.

We aim to reply to all emails as quickly as possible Monday-Friday, with the exception of public holidays.

Karen Knowler has been successfully coaching, guiding, supporting and mentoring men and women of all ages from all backgrounds to radiant health for 25 years. Building off the back of her own personal journey with weight gain as a teen, poor body image, eating challenges of every kind, Karen learned about the power and benefits of eating clean and incorporating regular cleansing at age 20.

Karen personally cleanses every 3 months by going on a raw liquid only cleanse. She runs CLEANSE! as a way to bring other like-minded men and women together who also want to cleanse but with a level of creativity and flexibility not found in other juicing programs. 

Karen’s cleanses are renowned for creating an intimate, compassionate space, where no-holds-barred conversations are the norm. Whether you are a complete newbie or a long-termer you will LOVE participating in a group CLEANSE! with like-minded men and women from all around the world. Who knows? It might just become a new 3-month habit for you too!

Click here to read more about how Karen got started with cleansing >

"Karen has a wealth of wisdom, experience and insight. Her programs never cease to amaze me year after year, and I have taken part in many now. Karen shows up and delivers, the rest is up to us, but she is always there for support. At 63, I continue to grow, evolve and learn so much about myself each time I take part in any of her magical programs, and they are "magical."
Joyce, Australia
"CLEANSE! with Karen has really helped me evolve as a person, get rid of old patterns that did not represent me and that I did not know I had. It is not only a physical cleanse but just as much a mental cleanse. It can go very deep. I realised how connected food is with our mood.

Wonderful, life changing experience."

Afroditi, Greece
"This juice cleanse with Karen is very very powerful!

Be aware that it can easily change your life within a week!!! 🙌🏻😊

Marie, England
"Feeling great! Not at all hungry… surprisingly. Feeling accomplished for completing my first week-long juice cleanse with ease. Skin clear. Feeling lighter - 6 lbs.”
Cynthia, USA