If You’re Ready to Clear Your Space & Your Mind and Come Out the Other Side Feeling More Excited, Aligned & On Purpose Than You Have Done Since You Can Even Remember... This is For YOU!

“Stop the world, I want to get off!”

If you’ve been trying to make things happen in your life for weeks, months or years and yet all you seem to feel is stuck, confused, overwhelmed, chaotic and buried in too many things to do, then the single most powerful thing you can do is…

Make Space (for Magic)

That’s because excess stuff or clutter around your home holds energy – both your energy and that of the old things you no longer want or need – and when you’re dealing with that, it’s literally akin to telling yourself and the Universe that you’re not ready for more, that there’s literally no room for more.

Net result?

Your goals and dreams don’t stand a chance.

I’ve been working with the power of space clearing since I was a child. I didn’t know it then, but my early sensitivity and fascination around space and the placement of things, was actually a huge indicator of what was to come.

As I reached my late teens I started doing vision boards before I even knew they were “a thing”…

And then in my very early 20s, I discovered the incredible power of internal space clearing through cleaning up my diet, specifically using raw foods and juicing.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and for the past few years I have been perfecting a way of working with the energy of our own body, the environment around us, and the fascinating concept of metaphysics, in order to quickly and powerfully bring magic and miracles into our life with ease and SPEED.

When we combine all three – cleaning body and home at the same time while applying metaphysics – we truly are harnessing the most powerful energies possible to not only create a huge amount of sacred and much-needed space, but also to attract and bring in what we desire.

The Make Space for Magic program provides the shortest, most powerful deep dive into this work that I’ve perfected, and in less than a month it will enable you to do all of the following:

  • Get clear on what is currently blocking you the most in your life (we use a very cool meditation-led process for this which is super-simple and incredibly powerful)
  • Get clear on what your 5 most pressing and juicy goals/desires are right now
  • Clear a specially chosen space in your home to make space for what you desire in a way that you have never done before (this is my advanced 13-step method that yields incredible, speedy and dramatic results)
  • Start bringing your 5 desires to life by getting crystal clear on what it is that you TRULY want, on paper, so that you can see how it’s going to come to you, and you can receive information on the how and the when
  • Create a divinely inspired Action Plan for your first most pressing desire, so that you can start making it happen as soon as you’re ready

The entire program is comprised of just 4 potent self-study parts. It is incredibly simple and all clearly laid out, and also runs incredibly deep.

What comes from this is beyond what you could ever imagine.


This program comprises of 4 modules. You’ll receive access to all 4 modules immediately.

Each module comprises of an audio from me where I talk you through each module, together with a beautiful workbook for you to capture your process and answers.






The live virtual workshops are run once per month via Zoom and bring Make Space for Magic to LIFE! 

These days are when you DO the actual work of space clearing (as per the MAKE SPACE part of Module 2).

These workshops are your opportunity to participate in a group MSFM session for one or both days and to learn, be inspired and share your journey with others also making space for magic. 



All workshops on both days:

  • Are run via zoom 

  • Are recorded in audio and video formats

  • Start at 5am PT / 8am ET / 1pm UK with Zoom session 1 being approx. 45 minutes to meet as a group and share everyone’s plan for the day.

  • Zoom session 2 is at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm UK for a non-mandatory check-in to share progress and receive any ideas or coaching required.

  • Zoom session 3 is at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET / 7:30pm UK for a final check-in for that day to share progress and receive any ideas or coaching required.


Which option is best for you?


NOTE: If you have not previously worked with the Make Space for Magic program, you will need to select this option.
£ 127
  • The entire Make Space for Magic program
  • 1x live 2-day workshop - 20-21May 2023
  • Workshop workbook
  • Recording of workshop


NOTE: You must have previously purchased the Make Space for Magic program to be eligible for this option as you need the foundational training & instructions to participate.
£ 77
  • 1x live 2-day workshop - 20-21May 2023
  • Recording of workshop
"Karen has a wealth of wisdom, experience and insight. Her programs never cease to amaze me year after year, and I have taken part in many now. Karen shows up and delivers, the rest is up to us, but she is always there for support. At 63, I continue to grow, evolve and learn so much about myself each time I take part in any of her magical programs, and they are "magical."
Joyce, Australia
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