Had enough of feeling less-than-vibrant
but have no plan of escape?!

One minute it's Monday, the next thing you know it's Friday.

Another week of eating on the fly, grabbing what you can, when you can, and whatever feels like a reward for all of your hard work and the stresses that you're carrying.

A quick coffee here, a grab-and-go sandwich there, a chocolate bar to perk you up, a cup of something hot and milky to calm you down, and a glass of wine at the end of the day to blur the lines and let you know you're now off-duty.

Even if your current diet looks a little different, if you're like 95%+ of the population you're not where you want to be and you don't have a plan that will take you anywhere different.

And now, days have turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, and the number on the scales continues to creep up while your energy continues to fall.

Until one day you finally realise:

‼️This eating situation isn't going to magically sort itself out!‼️


You don't need a miracle, you just need a bit of time,
a tried-and-trusted plan and a chance to scratch the record

Come and spend 3 days with me in my kitchen - virtually - and let's get you reinspired, reset and recharged for the body & life that you REALLY want!

Give me just 12 hours and I'll have you back on track, singing and dancing, rocking and rolling, all the way into your best, most vibrant life

Hi, I'm Karen!

I've been helping women just like you to go from lost and confused with their eating, to crystal clear and inspired for the past 25 years.

I know from experience that eating crap and feeling crap is really no fun at all. And I also know that eating great and then falling off the wagon can feel equally as demoralising and crap!

It doesn't matter if you've had it and lost it, or never had it at all: eating anything other than what you want to eat and paying the price in the way you look and feel, feels crap whatever way you dice it.

If this is where you find yourself today, fret not!

I have a plan, and I've carved 3 days out of my calendar to share it with you so that you can get clear, take control, get back on track and start feeling like the vibrant, radiant version of you that knows what she wants, knows why she wants it, and has her shizzle coming firmly back together... as well as her fridge!


Friday 26 May 2023
START TIME: 10am PT / 1pm et / 6pm UK
duration: 3 hours
To get back to ground zero & birth a vision:
As part of a virtual group, you'll spend some quiet time reflecting on and answering the most important questions - questions that will help you to understand why you're where you are, how it's come to pass, what you want now and what will be YOUR magic recipe for doing things differently moving forward.

Saturday 27 May 2023
START TIME: 6am PT / 9Am et / 2pm UK
duration: 6 hours
To detox & align your kitchen:
Once more as a virtual group, we'll spend some group time on zoom (at the start, middle, and end) and the rest of our time will be spent strategising, detoxing, clearing, cleaning and re-aligning our kitchens, ready for a brand new start and a fresh chapter. Very little feels as good as a clean fridge and sparkling countertops!

Sunday 28 May 2023
START TIME: 9am PT / 12PM et / 5pm UK
duration: 3 hourS
To fill your fridge with freshly made food & drink:
During this 3-hour session we will all gather together on zoom - you in your kitchen, me in mine - and I will guide you step-by-step through a real-time food prep class!
Together we'll make 12 different recipes:
6 drinks + 1 breakfast + 1 side + 1 main + 3 sweet treats.
All healthy, delicious, vegan, raw - no cooking required.

Full schedule, instructions, workbooks & shopping list will be provided

All you'll need to make the recipes is a blender!
A juicer & food processor are a bonus but not mandatory.

How do you fancy having a fridge full of these healthy & delicious yummies?!
Join me live on Sunday and you will!


You're only a "YES" away from changing your diet, body and life for the better.
Take control today and for a ridiculously low investment - only £27/Approx. $33 - you'll get the step-by-step plan along with the community, guidance, support, inspiration, know-how AND recordings to scratch the record and put your diet, body & life back on track.


* VAT is applied to all UK & EU orders.

TOTAL VALUE = £97 (Approx. $120)

YOUR INVESTMENT ONLY £27 (Approx. $33) for the entire 3 days!

Got questions? We have answers!

  • Access to all 3 live Zoom sessions (Friday, Saturday & sunday)
  • Beautiful downloadable PDF handouts/workbooks for each session with instructions, exercises, etc. as applicable. You can print these off or type directly into them.
  • Recipe sheets & Shopping List
  • Recordings of all Zoom sessions for all 3 days
  • Private Facebook Group to interact and share before, during and after the Virtual Vitality Retreat. Doors open on Thursday 25th May and close on Tuesday 30th May 2023
  • Personalised input, coaching, support and guidance during the Q&A windows within each live Zoom session

TOTAL VALUE = £247 (approx. $308)

No, none at all!

All you need is the desire to make changes and the willingness to play along.

No you don’t, because all three sessions are great as standalones, BUT…

You’ll get 5x the value if you participate live in the order they’re delivered, as there is a reason for each session being designed the way that it is and being delivered in the order that it’s happening in.

You can choose to participate with the recordings if you can’t make any of the sessions.

Whether you participate live or with the recordings, please bear in mind the ordering of each session is the most important part, as the sessions build on the back of one another to create the desired shift.

After checkout you will receive an email that will let you know how to access the program content, how to join the Facebook Group and everything else you need to get prepared. We recommend that you keep that email somewhere safe where you can easily access it again when you need it.

As we get closer to the start, you’ll also receive reminder emails for what to do to prepare and how to join each session.

All Zoom session recordings will also be uploaded to the Members Area after each session has been completed.

  1. First you’ll need to block out the time in your calendar for all three sessions. That’s 3 hours on the Friday, 6 hours on the Saturday and 3 hours on the Sunday. The specific timings for each session can be found above where it details what we’ll be doing each day.
  2. You’ll need a cosy quiet place to participate in the REFLECT session on Friday, along with a pen or pencil if you intend to print out the provided journal pages. If you intend to type into the pages you’ll just need your laptop. This will be the same for all three days as there’s handouts for each.
  3. You’ll need full access to your kitchen for the 6 hours on Saturday, ideally without any visitors or interruptions! If you need to arrange childcare, petcare, etc. take care of that asap so that you can dive in undistracted.
  4. You’ll need to be able to make food from a countertop with a blender on the Sunday, along with having access to a sink, sharp knife, cutting board and a place to dispose of compost etc.
  5. Other kitchen items needed: airtight containers to store various food items in; bottles to store drinks (any you can find or you could purchase glass ones if you don’t have any and would prefer those).
  6. These items are a bonus but not mandatory: an ice-cube tray; a fine strainer or nut milk bag; a burger mould; a coffee mill/nut mill; a juicer; a food processor or hand blender. If you have these items please bring them. If you don’t, we have effective workarounds!

A complete Shopping List will be provided for the food items to purchase for the Sunday session. This will be emailed out on Tuesday 23rd May 2023. If you sign up after this date you’ll receive the Shopping List automatically via email.

Once purchased, there is no refund on this Retreat.

You have lifetime access to the recordings, so don’t worry if it turns out at the last minute that you cannot participate. You’ll still be able to create your own personalised Vitality Retreat from the materials, recordings and structure provided.

You have lifelong access to all of the materials and recordings provided during this Virtual Vitality Retreat.

The Facebook Group closes on Tuesday 30th May 2023.

No problem! You can reach us via support@karenknowler.com or via our contact page.

We aim to reply to all emails as quickly as possible Monday-Friday during normal UK business hours.