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We are living in very strange times. It has been especially strange for the past few years, but more recently, especially during the past 6-8 weeks, some of us have been really going through it and in not knowing why, have been struggling to understand and make sense of it all. There are spiritual reasons for the “crisis” that so many are currently going through. It is a time of refinement, strengthening and discerning what’s really real and crucially, an opportunity to go higher. All that is false, fake, meaningless and futile is falling away, crumbling like a cliff face into the sea and the crumbling is gathering pace in ways and directions that we simply cannot foresee. Thus, higher, is the only place left to go.

It can hurt to be on the inside with whatever is currently challenging you because it feels so intense, scary and personal. It’s not personal. And yet, it is. Meaning, you are not alone in what you’re experiencing, but you are presented with an opportunity to walk your own unique fire solo. The good news is, you would not be feeling this if you weren’t already a long way along the path. It is a testimony to your spirit that you are here and the opportunity you have before you is quite incredible.

And that’s because, for those who are awake to this and willing to walk through their own fire, a whole new reality is waiting on the other side. And you are among those who get to go first.

This group exists to support you as you navigate this season, because you don’t have to do everything alone! Nor should you. In fact, it is more important now than ever to band together and support one another as we walk our own individual fires. Plus, I have a ton of invaluable tools, insights and strategies to share with you that have been lifesavers to me as I walk my own version of this.

This 14-day program is called ASCENSION because rather than sinking into your pain, struggle, challenge or trauma, you are invited to RISE (ascend) and go higher in order to transcend to the new, higher reality that is waiting for you. Shrinking, hiding or seeking comfort may well be more familiar and feel safer to you, but as you know by now, ultimately, it changes nothing.

Conversely, when you surrender, trust Life, God and your soul to show up for you, and step forward with faith into the great unknown, you create space for magic to happen because you start to lean on a greater force (rather than ego), thus anything becomes possible and the higher experience your soul is deeply craving to experience then becomes available to you.

As part of my own journey I was “told” to create this two week container for those who want/need it, and even told when to start and complete it and what price to charge for it.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will also be told what to share as we journey together and that it will be exactly what it needs to be for those who feel called.


  • Your journey starts with clarifying what situation you are currently in that is your catalyst for your highest growth. Most typically this will be showing up in a relationship, your home life, your finances, your career, your health or your love life. But it might be something else! Whatever it is, you will know, because it’s the area that’s currently causing you the most discomfort and possibly even pain.

  • I will lead… By this I mean, I will be the mouthpiece and allow Spirit to lead through me. I am well versed in surrender, receiving messages and passing them on with accuracy and clarity. As I am in this space right now myself, and walking the greatest trust-walk of my life so far, I am more deeply attuned than ever. It has been blowing my mind what has been coming through so far and I cannot wait to share these things and more with you.

  • You will be held. The daily calls provide our container for community, connection and a safe space to listen, share and celebrate as we journey together.

  • I will share my own journey every day. As you know, I am on my own firewalk right now. I am not technically “homeless” but I feel like I am. I have never been in this place before. It would be easy to feel scared, alone and “abandoned” by life because I expected to find my new home much sooner, but when I tune-in, I realise that I have never been safer, more supported and more held. And I am being guided through what feels like a spiritual jungle every step of the way. When we are ready for a big transformation, more pieces have to move into place to support the newness and bigness of what we are becoming. This takes time, which is why surrender, trust and patience are absolutely necessary. I will share my journey via an audio journal that I’ll upload to a secret location for Ascension members only, every day.

  • I will walk you through my 5-step New Life Process and give you assignments to help you traverse this path. The 5 steps are: Make Space; Clean Up Your Body; Receive a Vision; Make Movement; Move to Your Next Level. The details of what this looks like will be different for each person. I will help you to clarify what each one looks like for you and to navigate your way through each step. Worksheets will be provided for each step when the time comes.

  • Every day for two weeks starting Monday 7th August 2023, there is a 1-hour live zoom call. You can choose to join live (8am PT/11am ET/4pm UK) or listen to the recording. These calls will all be completely different to one another and will meet people where they are and provide exactly what you need to feel guided, supported, safe and inspired as you walk your unique ascension journey.

  • On Saturday 20th August there will be a live 3-hour workshop on zoom. This starts at the same time as the daily calls. This is to help take everything we’ve done to the next level and to ensure that you know what to do next.

  • Additional community and support is available via a Facebook Group. This group will close on Monday 21st August 2023.

PLEASE NOTE: This is obviously a “spiritual program”, therefore only sign up if you are comfortable with conversations about God/Spirit/Universe, the cosmos, human versus spiritual identity, dimensions, meditation, vibration and the like. Most likely we will be going deeper into any/all of these than any of can predict right now. 


13x 1-hour GROUP calls + 3-hour workshop on Saturday 19th August 2023
£ 49 APPROX. $62.50
  • Also includes: Password-protected program area & Facebook Group.

Any questions? Please email and we'll be happy to help!