Living Larger is about having goals, dreams and desires that excite you, inspire you and MOVE you to step into your potential and best life.

without goals - where are you going?

without dreams - what gets you out of bed in the morning?


It's time to get your goals on!






To go after your goals & dreams you need to know exactly what they are and to set the scene for creating and receiving them. To get fully behind them you need to be engaged body, heart, mind & soul. Once you are clear on what you wish to create and manifest in your life and WHY, it’s time to create the optimum aligned space in your home for the strategising, creation and receiving of those desires to be possible. Get this in place to give you the best possible support before you dive in and get fully committed to the longer journey ahead.



Q: How do you know when you are TRULY READY to commit to pursuing and reaching your juiciest goals?

A: You recognise and accept that trials and tribulations are an inevitable part of the journey (and are, in fact, divinely orchestrated to turn you into the version of yourself you need to be to bring those dreams to life…)

Then, and only then, are you ready to fully commit, to do the work and to step into the brave new and ultimately magical world of making your dreams come true.


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Hi, I’m Karen Knowler. I’ve been coaching, mentoring, guiding and supporting people to clarify and claim their goals and dreams for 25 years now.

Along the way I have claimed a fair few of my own, including:

  • Working at two leading children’s book publishers in London
  • Volunteering at Alternatives, St James’ Church, Piccadilly
  • Meeting Wayne Dyer
  • Owning a piece of original one-off & signed artwork by Anita Jeram (illustrator of “Guess How Much I Love You”)
  • Working at the first Planet Organic in London
  • Leaving London to follow my dream of becoming an author and becoming an author 1 year later
  • Winning a poetry competition
  • Working at the UK’s leading meditation centre of the time
  • Experiencing many incredible spiritual experiences
  • Running the UK’s first raw food organisation “The Fresh Network” for 8.5 years
  • Becoming the UK’s first regular raw food teacher, teaching live classes for a decade
  • Publishing Europe’s first full-colour glossy raw food magazine
  • Hosting the leading lights of raw food from all around the world for over 7 years
  • Creating and running Europe’s first 3-day raw food festival
  • Creating the UK’s first exclusively raw mail order company including being the first UK importers of raw chocolate powder
  • Being the first to sell “The Secret” DVD via mail order within the UK
  • Becoming the world’s first Raw Food Coach
  • Coaching celebrities
  • Hosting Woody Harrelson
  • Meeting Viktoras Kulvinskas, hosting him in London and having him stay at my home
  • Ditto for Chad Sarno
  • Staying with the Boutenko family at their home in Oregon
  • Having a natural, medication-free water birth at home
  • Appearing in a huge array of UK magazines, newspapers, radio & TV stations
  • Sitting on the GMTV sofa being interviewed live by Lorraine Kelly & Dr Hilary Jones
  • Speaking live at The Vitality Show, The London Mind Body Spirit Festival, VegFest & the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona
  • Speaking in Germany and Netherlands
  • Appearing in a documentary with Tony Robbins
  • Developing and running the first ever Raw Coach Training program
  • Being chosen as one of Gordon Ramsay’s “Find Me a Fanny” finalists!
  • Working with Ali Brown in her very first Diamond Mastermind ($100K investment)
  • Running live training events in Sedona, Denver, Scottsdale, London
  • Meeting Louise Hay 
  • Being published by Hay House
  • Living in many, many dream homes along the way
  • Creating an amazing circle of female friends all around the world
  • Owning 3/3 of my dream cars
  • Making (literally) millions of dollars in my business
  • Mentoring and coaching others to create wildly successful raw food businesses
  • Bringing raw food to the mainstream
  • Creating and running over 30 different online group programs
  • Traveling to Mexico solo to attend a book writing retreat
  • Writing 4 books + 2 more on the way
  • Meeting Lewis Howes
  • Various fitness goals
  • Keeping my body looking and feeling young up until the current day (aged 50)
  • Raising my son solo all the way into adulthood
  • Working with the same mentor used by Beyonce, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Creating a high-ranking podcast
  • Going to UFC London in March 2022 – best night ever!
  • Taking care of my mother’s final wishes before, during and after her passing
  • Spending my 50th birthday sequestered away on a very special, high-end personal retreat

There are many that I’ve missed, but I think that’s enough to give you an idea!

As for what’s next…

You can bet I have a very exciting and next-level Queue of Dreams that I am busily and joyfully working my way through…

But I will share one big goal that’s on my list:

I want to help YOU make YOUR dreams come true.

I know how to do it, and I also know that most people manana on their dreams all the way until it’s too late to do anything about it. And I don’t want that to be you.

If not now, then when?

Feel free to reach out with any questions – support@karenknowler.com

Interested in working with me privately on something very special, confidential and extraordinary?

Let’s talk!​ Start the conversation by emailing diana@karenknowler.com with “Private client enquiry” in the subject header and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together to make your most extraordinary goal/s come true.