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EPISODE 34 – What Have You Learned So Far?

Eat Cleaner Live Larger Podcast

EPISODE 34 – What Have You Learned So Far?

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EPISODE 34 – What Have You Learned So Far?

Cliff notes from Episode 34: What Have You Learned So Far?

Back in episode 4, “What to Do When You’re Having a Bad Food Day”, I spoke about how you can switch from seeing food days as “good” or “bad”, and instead to start seeing them as “good days” or “learning days.” (Listen to Episode 4 here.)

Whether you’ve adopted that mindset yet or not, in this episode I want to invite you to consider:

What Have You Learned So Far?

By this I mean, what can you pull out of your memory bank from your food and eating experiences so far and bring to the table immediately?

Grab a pen and paper (or put fingers to keyboard), and write down the following questions:

  1. What do you personally love to eat & drink?
  2. Which of those things does your body also love and thrive on?
  3. Which of those things doesn’t your body respond well to?
  4. Which of those things doesn’t your body ever like and in fact may have a really adverse reaction to?
  5. What foods, drinks and meals help you to have the biggest and fastest wins when it comes to any diet, body or health goal you are trying to reach?
  6. What foods and drinks work really well for your lifestyle and your health and body goals, and that should therefore be the cornerstones of your day-to-day life?
  7. What routines or habits work really well in your life and support you?
  8. Which routines or habits do you need to start incorporating into your life that would make all the difference?
  9. What thoughts do you think, that help or hinder your progress?
  10. What one thought, if you were to think it over and over again, would enable you to create the diet, health or body that you truly want?

In the podcast I share more about how to answer each question and how to apply your answers, so that you can start making progress immediately by working with what you already know.

If we don’t periodically stop and take stock of the lessons that are always available for us to learn, then we are seriously missing a trick.

These observations can literally make all of the difference between transcending a reality you don’t want or staying stuck where you are, potentially going round and round in circles.

The truth is that if you take maybe 30 minutes to brainstorm your answers around these 10 questions, you will be able to take everything you’ve learned about yourself so far and start creating a much more supportive and healthy diet and lifestyle for yourself, based on what truly works for YOU and what you want.

If you’d like assistance figuring out the best possible way to take your eating habits to the next level so that you can reach your diet-related goals then, as of a few days ago, I am now offering a POWER HOUR. This is where you and I meet together on zoom for an hour and within those 60 minutes we focus entirely on what would be the best possible way for you to move forward with your diet and lifestyle so that you can look and feel exactly as you want to look and feel.

I have a very special process for this that will work for literally anyone.

In just an hour you will feel clearer and more aligned than you may have felt for years or even decades, and you’ll have a complete plan of action for what to do to get there.

Read more about the Power Hour opportunity here.

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