It's time to get the love, support and community you need (and deserve)

If you want to make a fresh start, completely upgrade your diet or simply want to continue to tweak your existing diet and lifestyle so that you continue to look and feel even better…

If you are fed up of feeling alone with your intention to eat healthier, don’t have a clue what to do or where to start, or are ready for more but aren’t quite sure what more looks like

If you are craving to expand, to feel happier, healthier & more alive and vital with every passing day, and to discover and step into the most gorgeous, radiant version of YOU…

If you’re done with the diets, the rulebooks, the dogma, the overthinking, over-stressing, over-giving, over-performing and feel out of touch with what YOU really want, what YOU really need, what YOUR body truly thrives on and where YOU really want to go with your diet AND your life…


The Eat Cleaner, Live Larger Membership is now OPEN for a short time to new members.

In a nutshell?

  • It’s FUN
  • It’s beautiful
  • It’s thorough but completely doable
  • It’s multi-dimensional
  • It’s highly supported
  • In fact, it’s everything you need to get you clear, excited, moving, motivated, learning, evolving and most importantly, getting the results that you want while loving every minute of it!

And it will quite literally reinvent and rejuvenate you from the inside out.

If you’re ready to Eat Cleaner and Live Larger, there is no better place for you to be in the entire world than HERE.

And if you think you might have to sell your car or a small child to get this kind of service, know-how and support… guess again because the investment is as sweet as the recipes!

I hope to see you on the inside ♥️

What you receive

A Complete Transformation Program


The entire membership revolves around this 12-month journey. The Success Path itself is 7 steps, however, to do it well and to make lasting changes, it will take 12 months to transform your diet and your life! Prepare to be blown away as you address any stuck points in your eating habits, routines and behaviours and transform your diet and body into exactly as you want them to be. This program will blow your mind in the most wonderful of ways - it's easy, simple, delicious and fun - and you won't believe the results that you get! This program is easily a £3000 value.
You receive one module per month to ensure it's manageable and as fun & step-by-step as it should be.

Community & Support


These 90-minute live planning sessions happen at the end of every calendar month ready for the month ahead. They give you the opportunity to reflect and review the previous month and then to lean into what you want to focus on in the coming month. We focus on both the Eat Cleaner part of your journey AND the Live Larger part. By the end of this session you will be feeling clear, excited and ready to take the next month by storm! Live coaching is also included during this session with a bonus 15 minutes out the other side of the planning workshop to provide additional support and guidance.


The ECLL community is already full of amazing, heart-centred women who are excited to rejuvenate their diet, bodies and lives, and my vision is to welcome thousands more over the next 1-2 years.
You'll have LOTS of opportunities to connect with other members via the Monthly Planning Sessions, the twice-monthly Support Calls, the Monthly Virtual Workshops (see below) and the 3x per year Community Online Parties.

2x 75-MINUTE SUPPORT CALLS per month

So that you can receive personalised guidance, coaching and input into your unique situation, there's two zoom calls per month every month. The first call is a general Q&A/Coaching call, and the second begins with a special member "Diet Detective" Session, which is hugely revealing and a deep-dive into what's really going on. I can't wait for you to witness one of these as it will open your mind to your own situation. Annual members are welcome to reserve a Diet Detective Session for any month within their membership period, but they do go fast! Calls take place: Second Tuesday of the month at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK and Third Wednesday of the month at 7:30am PT/10:30am ET/3:30pm UK.


Many members love to connect with other members, and having an Accountability Partner specifically is the best way to gain maximum support and accountability.
Within the membership there is a space to advertise for a partner, so you can place an ad yourself, or see who's currently looking for one.
We also provide guidelines for placing your ad, for structuring your calls and provide a downloadable PDF for you to plan what you want to share and take notes from your calls while they're happening.


If you like having fun AND getting stuff done, these are for you!
Once per month we have a 3-4 hour virtual workshop where members come together online and make something special happen.
There are 3 different workshops that happen on rotation: Prep with Me (where you can watch me make seasonal recipes or make them along with me in your own kitchen); A Kitchen Detox (you choose where you want to focus and together we get things DONE!); A Vision Board Party (the accompanying workbook helps you to pick a focus and then we spend 3 .5 hours working to vision board it). November's workshop is: Kitchen Detox, followed by Vision Board Party in December.


Ever been to a super-healthy party? Well, if you haven't all that's about to change! They'll be happening every June, December and January and will go for 5 hours, typically starting at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm UK. These events are going to be a highlight of your membership experience and I have so many wonderful surprises lined up for you! You won't want to miss a single one!

Monthly Downloads & Resources


The monthly diet journals are created to enable you to plan and track what you're eating, as well as to reflect on how something made you feel and what you are learning along the way. Included are Start of Month pages, Start of Week pages, End of Week Review pages, as well as the Daily pages in between.


Every month three more quick, easy, healthy and delicious recipes are added to the recipe library.
Recipes are delivered in two different formats:
Format 1: Downloadable PDF recipe sheet to print-off-and-keep in your kitchen recipe binder.
Format 2: Downloadable graphic file to save and use on your smart phone or other digital device so you have the recipe whenever and wherever you need it.


While you'll have your own unique Success Path journey that you can take at your own pace, you'll also receive a beautiful mini-magazine monthly with a different theme every month. In it you'll find a note from me about how I "do" that particular area of my life or diet, a themed recipe, one invaluable article to read and enjoy, and three gorgeous playsheets that pertain to our theme that you can complete and apply to your life right now or save for future reference. Month-by-month you build your own library of ECLL magazines that will be invaluable to you for the rest of your life. Issues Currently available issues: Mindset; Morning Routine; Juicing; Intention Setting; Smoothies; Coming in future months: Perfect Days (Nov 2023); Healthy Eating in Winter (Dec 2023); Fresh Start (Jan 2024); Chocolate (Feb 2024); Financial Abundance (March 2024).


How-To Guides are step-by-step workbooks that enable you to work through a problem or to make something happen. When you join the membership you receive instant access to every guide that's already been published, and then one new guide per month for the duration of your membership. Consider these your in-pocket coaching guides, ready to pull out whenever the need arises.
Currently available guides: What is Your Life Trying to Tell You?; How to Know if It's a Definite Yes; How to Create a Juicing Station; Why is This Happening to Me?; How to Stop Self-Sabotaging; How to Create a Smoothie-Making Zone.
Coming in future months: How to Create a Perfect Day (Nov 2023); How to Create a Winter Store Cupboard (Dec 2023); How to Make Space for Magic (Jan 2024); How to Reset Your Body in 24 Hours or Less (Feb 2024); How to Bring in More Money (March 2024).


These fun mini step-by-step projects are provided to help you make potent upgrades in 60 minutes or less.
Currently available guides: Your Bath & Shower Area; Your Bedroom Nightstand; Your Juicing Routine; Your Weekly Schedule; Your Cell Phone.
Coming in future months: Your Kitchen Cupboards (Nov 2023); Your Fridge & Freezer (Dec 2023); Your Filing Systems (Jan 2024); Your Kitchen Accessories (Feb 2024); Your Purse/Wallet (March 2024).

Member-Only Perks


I run a fully-supported online juice cleanse every three months to create a space where people can detoxify physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
CLEANSE! runs for 7 days each time, and members receive a 50% saving on the normal price.
Read all about CLEANSE! by clicking on the juice cleanse image.


Want next-level support, help and guidance with complete confidentiality? Look no further than a Power Hour - your chance to get my personalised help, just you and I, 1:1.
This is the perfect thing to schedule when you have a big goal, dream or challenge that you want help with and know that getting the right support up front can save costly mistakes further down the line. This session can be used for diet, life or business coaching, or any combination of all three.
As a member you save 30% off the advertised pricing.

TOTAL VALUE = £500 per month / £6000 per year for all of the content, support, community, inspiration, savings, parties and workshops

YOUR INVESTMENT? Only £27 per month / £270 per year
That's right! Your investment is just 4% of the value you receive 😲


Choose monthly or yearly


£ 27* APPROX. $33
  • Pay monthly & cancel or upgrade at any time. This pricing valid for as long as you stay a member.


£ 270* APPROX. $330
  • 12 months for the price of 10.
    SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: “Go Raw with Karen” Home Study Program
    (Value £97)
    throughout the year
- best deal -

Got questions? We have answers!

it’s a 100% online membership program designed to help you to clean up your eating habits in a way that love, while also helping you to create a happier, healthier life overall.

It provides everything you need to be successful, including:

  • A step-by-step program to follow over the course of 12 months
  • A monthly planning session
  • Twice-monthly support calls
  • An optional accountability partner
  • Monthly get-it-done workshops
  • Monthly content drops
  • 3x yearly online parties

Upon joining you gain immediate access to:

  • The current month’s Diet Journal
  • Step 1 of the ECLL Success Path program
  • 21 digital recipe cards + 21 PDF recipe sheets
  • 7x How-To Guides
  • 6x Mini-Magazines
  • 6x 1-hour to High-Vibe Projects
  • Recordings of recent Support Calls and Workshops
  • The opportunity to advertise for an Accountability Partner, or choose one if available
  • 50% off CLEANSE!
  • 30% off Power Hours
  • Annual members only: Instant access to the Go Raw with Karen program, currently selling for £97 separately.

Over the course of any calendar month, you will then receive:

  • Start of Month Planning Session (including workbook + recording)
  • Monthly 1-Sheet with an overview of that month’s call schedule & content drop
  • New Diet Journal for that month
  • Members Weekly emails, sent every Monday to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening
  • 2x Support Calls with Karen Knowler (+ recording)
  • Access to the Monthly Workshop (+ workbook and recording)

All calls take place live on Zoom and you’ll receive instant access to a calendar that tells you all of the dates and provides all of the Zoom links.

You’ll also receive weekly reminders of all call details and how to join them.

Recordings appear in the password-protected membership area typically 1-2 hours after a call takes place.

Everything is recorded, so you never have to ask, ‘will there be a recording?’

Once purchased, there is no refund because you gain instant access to over £1000 worth of content/value immediately.

If you are in any doubt about the quality of the content or want to try it first, join for a month and cancel if you don’t feel it’s a great fit. You won’t get a refund for that month but you will have a LOT of amazing content that far outweighs your 1-month investment.

If you love what you see and want to upgrade from Monthly member to Annual member, you have the option to upgrade to Annual member after you join. All details inside the membership area.


You have access for as long as you’re a member.

Of course, you can download almost everything to your computer, so you’ll still have value to draw from should you ever wish to cancel.

No problem! You can reach us via or via our contact page.

We aim to reply to all emails as quickly as possible Monday-Friday, with the exception of public holidays.

Please note we are UK-based, so operate on UK timezone of Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.


£ 27* APPROX. $33
  • Pay monthly & cancel or upgrade at any time. This pricing valid for as long as you stay a member.


£ 270* APPROX. $330
  • 12 months for the price of 10.
    SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: “Go Raw with Karen” Home Study Program
    (Value £97)
    throughout the year
- best deal -

Hi, I’m Karen. If you don’t know me yet, here’s the short version: I grew up eating junk food, hating vegetables, hating what I saw in the mirror & working in a butchers shop. At age 18 I reached my “enough is enough” moment and went on a fascinating voyage of discovery. Along the way I learned that even though my starting point was less than ideal, I could create whatever level of health & vitality I desired, and an incredible life to match. And so, I did! While it wasn’t without its ups and downs, I persevered and turned my fascination into my vocation. Today, aged 50, I’ve been helping people transform their diets and lives for the past 25 years, and physically feel like I’m still in my 20’s. Through the ECLL membership I pass on all of my learnings, hard-won secrets and an insatiable desire to support every single member to eat cleaner & live larger, so that she too can create the vitality and life she desires.