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Imagine: an entire podcast recorded JUST FOR YOU!

choose your own title, topic... whatever you want!

Limited availability

This is a one-time-only opportunity to have a podcast recorded JUST FOR YOU!

Imagine that! My advice, guidance and best tips in YOUR pocket for whenever you need them…

If you have a nagging issue that’s been holding you back, this is your opportunity to have it addressed once and for all AND for way less than a 1:1 coaching session – which I no longer offer outside of a program. (This is why it’s a one-time-only opportunity!)

Whether you want a specific topic addressed, question answered, or key things discussed – simply let me know when ordering and I will record a custom audio that will beautifully take care of your request!


Here’s the deal:

  • Podcasts will be recorded in order of purchase receipt. For example: If you are the third person to order, your podcast will be 3rd in line.
  • The price will increase by 50% after 5 orders and then 10 orders have been received. Once 15 orders have been received the offer will disappear (even if it’s before the timer is up.)
  • You must be clear what you’re asking for when ordering – you’ll be asked for details at checkout. If you forget something important you can email us additional information but it needs to be ASAP so that it arrives before I start recording.
  • You can request any/all of the following to appear on your audio: answering a specific question/s; covering specific topic/s; including a guided meditation. The more details you give me, the better, as I can create it more perfectly-fitting to your needs. The topic must be diet and/or life related.
  • A “Hello from Karen” message can be included at the start of the audio or as a separate recording, or not at all – you will be asked to state your preference when ordering. 
  • Your audio will be 30-45 minutes long. This will ultimately be dictated by what you are requesting and how long it takes me to deliver upon that in a way I feel happy with. I’m committed to providing an AWESOME podcast just for YOU.
  • This audio is for your own private use, however, if I feel the content would be helpful to others in the future, some or all of the content (excepting anything that mentions any of your personal details) may appear in a future episode of the Eat Cleaner, Live Larger podcast.
  • The ECLL podcast intro and outro music will NOT appear on your audio recording. Your podcast will be voice-only.

Get your own personalised podcast for just £497 £145.50*

* VAT is added to UK & EU orders.
USD price is approx. $175 at time of publication.
PLEASE NOTE: After 5 sales, the price increases by 50% to £145.50.
After 10 sales the price increases by 50% to £218.25.

As soon as 15 orders have been received or the timer runs out - whichever comes first - this opportunity will no longer be available.
This is a VERY special one-time-only opportunity to receive my input on YOUR challenge and you'll have the recording to keep forever!


Hi, I’m Karen Knowler. I’ve been coaching, mentoring, guiding and supporting people around their dietary and life goals and challenges for 25 years.

My approach to my own life and to that of my clients is practical, intuitive AND visionary.

I am deeply committed to your success because YOU (and your success) matter.

I believe that whatever you desire for yourself is what you came here to be, do, have and experience. Sometimes we just need a helping hand or a bit of guidance to nudge us onto the right path.

And sometimes we need a whole lot more than that!

Wherever you are on your Eat Cleaner, Live Larger journey, I can help you.

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