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How to Juice Cleanse Successfully with Your Eater Type

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How to Juice Cleanse Successfully with Your Eater Type

As you may or may not know, there are 10 different Eater Types and one of those 10 is currently YOUR dominant Type. This Type is dictating most of your behaviours around food – for better or worse.

Experience shows that when we work with our Type to make healthy choices we are happy in our eating habits and thing work wonderfully well! That Type can support us in reaching our health and body goals and everything feels joyful and effortless, because we are in sync.

Conversely, when we are not making good choices with our Type and defaulting to the unhealthy behaviours of that Type we create challenges and a state of health and energy that we definitely don’t want.

So when it comes to juice cleansing, specifically, you’ll want to set yourself up for success.

Here follows the #1 strategy to bear in mind for how to juice cleanse successfully with YOUR Eater Type.

All you need to do is find your Type in this list and take this strategy into consideration when planning out your next juice cleanse.

FUNCTIONAL EATER: Your top strategy is to do your cleanse with pre-made juices. Whether that’s pre-made by you in volume, or (better yet) delivered directly to your door, you will definitely not want to be making fresh juices every day unless you are extraordinarily committed!

SENSUAL EATER: Your top strategy is to make your juices as beautiful and/or decadent as possible. Whether it’s via what you drink them out of, the colours of the juices, or the extra little touches that you may add when making them or consuming them, you’ll be way more excited by your cleanse if it is sensually delightful to you.

EXPERIMENTAL EATER: Your top strategy is to pick some kind of theme for your cleanse that gets you excited and satisfies your desire for learning and exploration. For example, it might be to base your juices on a certain type of cuisine (e.g. Indian, Chinese, African, Italian, etc.) or to go on a journey with a food group or type of fruit, such as trying 10 different types of apple and learning the differences between each one. There are so many different ways to approach your cleanse that you’ll never run out of themes or ideas, so every cleanse can be unique, special and different.

SOCIAL EATER: Your top strategy is to do your juice cleanse with someone else, or to be part of a cleansing group or retreat. By cleansing in conjunction with at least one other person you can satisfy your need to share the experience with others, while also gaining additional learning and insights along the way.

EMOTIONAL EATER: Your top strategy is to give your juices meaningful names that put a positive spin on your juicing cleanse journey. For example, you might call a green juice “Brand New Me Juice”, and a beetroot-based juice “Love Letter to My Heart Juice”. The rationale behind this is that a juice cleanse brings up emotions for everyone, so for you as an Emotional Eater, you’ll want constant reminders that your cleanse is an act of self-love and something to be embraced with joy and positive expectancy.

CONFUSED EATER: Your top strategy is to follow a specific plan laid out by someone who you like, respect and trust. Life is so much easier for you when you don’t have to do the thinking, so a trusted plan is like manna from heaven for you. Even better if that cleanse comes already made, eliminating the need to do anything except go ahead and follow the plan.

INTELLECTUAL EATER: Your top strategy is to have a well-rounded juice cleanse plan that most likely will include a lot of green juices and potentially also some supplements and/or superfoods added in. You will probably be looking for your juice cleanse to not simply ‘just’ be a juice cleanse, but also to be an opportunity to take your nutrition to the max. Therefore you’ll want recipes that major on the greens and include a specific plan for incorporating those other supplements and superfoods that you are keen to try/incorporate.

CONSCIOUS EATER: Your top strategy is to go as organic and locally-grown as possible with your juice cleanse. If you can source your ingredients from a local farm or organic supplier, you’ll not only enjoy an extraordinarily potent cleanse but also feel really great about how you went about it.

INTUITIVE EATER: Your top strategy is to have a wide range of ingredients at your disposal so that you can make whatever juices you want, whenever you feel like them. While you probably LOVE the idea of following a juicing plan, chances are that very soon you’ll find yourself wanting to go off-plan because what the plan says and what your body is asking for are two different things! If you’re buying your cleanse in pre-made, make sure that there is a variety of different juices to choose from so that you can pick whichever one you fancy when it’s time to drink.

FOCUSED EATER: Your top strategy is to know exactly what you want to achieve from this particular juice cleanse well before you start. Then you can take some quality time to plan out your juicing strategy in as much detail as necessary in order to get the results you desire.

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