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Why I Always Start With Someone’s Eater Type

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Why I Always Start With Someone’s Eater Type

‘Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start…’ 🎵

Before I can move forward and help you to set yourself free from your eating challenges, I have to first understand the root cause and the reason you make the choices that you do, when it comes to food. 

This is why taking the Eater Types Quiz is always Step #1.

In a previous blog What Are Eater Types? I give the quick-and-dirty on what the Eater Types are and why knowing what yours is is essential. Short version: there are 10 Eater Types, you have all 10 within you, one of them is more dominant for you at any given point in time, and whatever one is most dominant is driving most of your behaviours (and outcomes) with food and eating. 

For example, you may currently be an Emotional Eater who uses food as a crutch or a pick-me-up when feeling tired, stressed or happy. Or you may be a Sensual Eater who eats for pleasure and experience. Or maybe you’re a Functional Eater who eats for speed and ease. Every single one of us has a dominant Eater Type that is calling the shots.

When working with someone intimately, I use that person’s Eater Type as my starting point for quickly understanding how their mind is currently working around food, and subsequently how best to help them in a way that is aligned with who they are NOW. 

Discovering the 10 Eater Types all those years ago (about 18 years ago now) completely revolutionised things for me and my clients. I went from spending weeks and sometimes months trying to figure out what made someone tick, to giving them the quiz and knowing exactly what their dietary defaults were in less than 2 minutes. Pretty amazing, and the assessment has stood the test of time and has become an invaluable source of self-knowledge for around 100,000 people so far.

In Episode Three of my ‘Eat Cleaner, Live Larger’ Podcast, I explore the topic of Eater Types specifically in regards to if your current Eater Type is, in fact, ruining your chance of success. 

That is not to say that there are ‘good’ Eater Types and ‘bad’ ones. Not at all. In fact, every Eater Type has its own ways of undermining your success and this is what I talk about on the podcast.

If curiosity is getting the better of you, I invite you to take the Eater Type NOW before listening in, and then you’ll know what to pay attention to! Take the quiz here – it literally only takes 2 minutes and out the other side you’ll not only know your Type but also have a handy factsheet that will tell you more about your Type and give you a Type-specific smoothie recipe!

You can listen right away to Episode 3 here if you’re ready to take things to the next level.

Discovered YOUR Eater Type yet? Tell me what it is below and how you feel about it! 👇

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